Cuba with Pen and Pencil, de Samuel Hazard





“Cuba with Pen and Pencil, de Samuel Hazard,” Archivo China España, 1800-1950, consulta 25 de julio de 2024,


Cuba with Pen and Pencil, de Samuel Hazard




En estas páginas de Cuba with Pen and Pencil de Samuel Hazard, la descripción de la manufactura de los cigarros sirve al autor para notar la presencia de trabajadores chinos, y los describe. 

Each workman has a small table to himself, at which he folds, fills, counts, and does up in packages the little cigarettes ; and it is astonishing what facility and dexterity they acquire from long practice in handling and counting these small bits of paper...

It is a curious sight to see these Asiatics, clad in their blue dungaree clothes, some of them with heads entirely shaven, some with their pig-tails all twisted up, while others, who are not so careful, permit their hair to grow out until it looks like a big black brush...

...the Chinese, who are contract laborers belonging to the proprietors, there is quite a system of punishments in the shape of fines imposed ; the severest being those imposed upon the smokers of opium,


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