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Noticia y retrato del Dr. Anguera

A instancias del Ministro de Estado y representante de España en la Sociedad de Naciones, Alejandro Lerroux, a finales de 1931 se destinó al doctor Alberto Anguera Anglés (Tortosa, 24 de mayo de 1885- Irun, 18 de septiembre de…

News about troubles in China

Spanish journalBlanco y Negro reported on the troubles in China between the Guomindang and warlords with three pictures, covering the embarkation in Southampton of British troops and nurses bond to China, the Spanish cruiserBlas de Lezosailing…

Building of the Spanish consulate in Shanghai

Sometime in the mid twenties, the Spanish consulate in Shanghai was moved to this building in Bubbling Well Road, in present day 1209 Nanjing Xilu.

The Spanish community in front of the Majestic Hotel

The Spanish community in Shanghai hosted a banquet in honor of the officers of the cruiserBlas de Lezo, whichin February 26 hadjoined the foreign forces defending their national interests in town in the midsts of struggles between Guomintang,…

Antonio Ramos featured in the Spanish press

Some 15 years after he decided to return to Spain, a Madrid sports newspaper published this piece that summarises Antonio Ramos' life and accomplishements in China, from his pioneering film screenings to the construction of seven cinema theaters in…

A feast at the Spanish consulate in Shanghai

The photograph, published in one of the main newpapers in Madrid, shows some of the members of the Spanish community in Shanghai, such as the Mencarinis, film empresario Antonio Ramos, architect Abelardo Lafuente, and different religious authorities,…

Hongkew Cinema

The Hongkew Cinema (Hongkou daxiyuan), one of Antonio Ramos cinemas, opened in December 1908. The image was probably taken in the late 1920s: Two Flaming Youths, starring Chester Conklin, premiered in 1927.
1930 (ca.)

Score of the song 'Let's defend Wuhan'

The long resistance of the city of Madrid to fascist rebels during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) offered a model to Chinese Communist troops during the battle of Wuhan (June-October 1938) against Japanese occupiers. With lyrics by Sha Lu 沙旅…

Fragment of L'Ideographie, by Sinibaldo de Mas

In this work by the diplomat Sinibaldo de Mas, written and published in Macao, Mas puts forward his proposal for a universal language based in ideographic writing and his experience learning Chinese.


Plan for the Star Garage, by Abelardo Lafuente

Spanish architect Abelardo Lafuente designed the building to host the Star Garage, owned by Albert Cohen.The cross-sectional A A viewA A of the plan shows a structure of concrete with bidirectional beams. The building was originaly linked to the…