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Descripción de los edificios de Lafuente, por Romero Salas

El periodista José María Romero Salas publicó, bajo el título de España en China. Crónica de un viaje (1921), una colección de cartas en las que narró su viaje a Shanghai y Beijing y sus…

Jewish Club of Shanghai, by Lafuente & Wootten

The project is mentioned for the first time in a North China Herald article entitled "A Jewish Club for Shanghai" (published in July 6, 1918), which described both the plot and the main characteristics of the property, and the joy of the Jewish…

The Spanish community in front of the Majestic Hotel

The Spanish community in Shanghai hosted a banquet in honor of the officers of the cruiserBlas de Lezo, whichin February 26 hadjoined the foreign forces defending their national interests in town in the midsts of struggles between Guomintang,…

Antonio Ramos featured in the Spanish press

Some 15 years after he decided to return to Spain, a Madrid sports newspaper published this piece that summarises Antonio Ramos' life and accomplishements in China, from his pioneering film screenings to the construction of seven cinema theaters in…

A feast at the Spanish consulate in Shanghai

The photograph, published in one of the main newpapers in Madrid, shows some of the members of the Spanish community in Shanghai, such as the Mencarinis, film empresario Antonio Ramos, architect Abelardo Lafuente, and different religious authorities,…

Plan for the Star Garage, by Abelardo Lafuente

Spanish architect Abelardo Lafuente designed the building to host the Star Garage, owned by Albert Cohen.The cross-sectional A A viewA A of the plan shows a structure of concrete with bidirectional beams. The building was originaly linked to the…

Photograph of the Main House of the Spanish Augustinians in Shanghai

The buiding was designed by Abelardo Lafuente and his partner, the American architect G.O. Wootten, with whom Lafuente had began a professional association months before.

The house was located in the American Settlement, in present day Yangshupu Rd. The facade reflects the eclecticism of late 19th century houses from Madrid, which Lafuente knew, such as the building of the Central University in Madrid Francisco Javier Mariategui (1874).

Star Garage, by Abelardo Lafuente

The Star Garage was designed by Spanish architect Abelardo Lafuente in Shanghai for Albert Cohen (1870- 1930). Born in Constantinople, Cohen obtained the Spanish nationality due to his Sephardic origins—and his wealth. One of the (at least) three…

Ramos Apartments

Designed by Spanish architect Abelardo Lafuente in North Sichuan Road (present day 2081-2093) for his friend and patron the cinema impresario Antonio Ramos.

The building is composed around four different staircases, with two apartments in each…

Spanish villa by Abelardo Lafuente

The villa was located in Ward Street (today Changyang Road), in an area distant from the city center, with views over the Huangpu. It was designed for a Mr. French.

The building includes a ground floor and first floor with an accessible terrace…