The Spanish community in front of the Majestic Hotel




“The Spanish community in front of the Majestic Hotel,” Archivo China España, 1800-1950, consulta 8 de febrero de 2023,


The Spanish community in front of the Majestic Hotel




The Spanish community in Shanghai hosted a banquet in honor of the officers of the cruiser Blas de Lezo, which in February 26 had joined the foreign forces defending their national interests in town in the midsts of struggles between Guomintang, Communist and warlord forces. 

The extended caption identifies (first row, center) Commander of the Blas de Lezo Gonzalo de la Puerta, to his right architect Abelardo Lafuente and to his left the Secretary of the Spanish legation in Beijing and at the time consul in Shanghai, Manuel Acal. 

Left to Acal, film empresario Antonio Ramos and (second from right end) Gerónimo Candel. In the second row, between Acal and Ramos, first officer Ramón Navia Osorio. The group also includes other officers of the cruiser, Augustinian Recollects‎ Tomás Cuevas and Javier Ochoa, Augustinians Pedro Cerezal and Gaudencio Castrillo, and businessmen like Francisco Aboitiz (Sino-Spanish Trading Co.), Santiago Lladó (Shanghai Stucco Co.) and Gerónimo Canda.

The document has been discovered by architect Álvaro Leonardo during his PhD research on the life and works of architect Abelardo Lafuente.


El Mercantil (Manila), year XXIV, num. 7,296, April 20, 1927.

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LEONARDO PÉREZ, Álvaro (2019). Abelardo Lafuente García-Rojo (1871-1931), un arquitecto español en China (Madrid: Universidad Alcalá de Henares, unpublished PhD thesis).